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Farm & Business Insurance

Rogers Insurance in Kenton, OH understands the unique insurance needs of farms and businesses. With our farm insurance options, we provide comprehensive coverage to protect your farm, livestock, and equipment against potential risks and uncertainties. Additionally, our tailored business insurance solutions ensure that your company is safeguarded from liability, property damage, and other unforeseen events. We also offer coverage for your employees, providing benefits that promote their well-being and loyalty. Trust Rogers Insurance to provide you with the expertise and support you need to protect your farm and business effectively.

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Farm Insurance in Kenton, OH | Rogers Insurance Agency


At The Rogers Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your farm or ranch, whether you’re a hobby farmer or large provider. Our team is here to provide you with comprehensive farm insurance coverage and services that keep your operations safeguarded, allowing you to focus on maintaining a smooth and successful farming business. With our personalized policies, you have the flexibility to choose coverage in various areas such as farm owners insurance, farm livestock insurance, and more.

We recognize that accidents can happen unexpectedly, which is why having the right insurance is vital. Our goal is to ensure your farm, equipment, buildings, and income are protected in case of unforeseen circumstances. As a trusted insurance partner, we’re committed to providing you with personalized solutions that meet your specific farm insurance needs.

Farm Insurance Policy Opportunities

  • Farm Owners Insurance
  • Farm Livestock Insurance
  • Equine Insurance
  • Farm Equipment Insurance
  • Farm Dwelling Insurance
  • Farm Structures Insurance
  • Farm Auto Insurance
  • Farm Umbrella Insurance
  • Farm Liability Insurance
Farm Insurance in Kenton, OH | Rogers Insurance Agency


Our business insurance solutions are designed to provide complete coverage for your unique enterprise. Our experienced team of professionals will work closely with you to assess your specific needs and create a customized insurance plan. Whether you require general liability coverage, commercial property insurance, professional liability protection, or coverage for your commercial vehicles, we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of business insurance. Our focus is on building lasting relationships with our clients and offering exceptional and friendly service and support. Contact us today for a personalized quote.

Business Insurance Policy Opportunities

  • Bonds
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Commercial Real Estate Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • Leave Management
  • Loss Control Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Small Business Liability Insurance
  • Storage Insurance
  • Surety Bonds
  • Technology Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Van Insurance

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Farm Insurance in Kenton, OH | Rogers Insurance Agency


Employee insurance is a crucial component of protecting your business and ensuring the well-being of your workforce. We offer optimal coverage options for employees that give them the assurance they deserve. Our range of employee insurance solutions includes disability insurance, group disability insurance, group benefits, individual life insurance, retiree health coverage, and voluntary benefits. We understand that attracting and retaining the best employees is essential to the success of your business, and our coverage options provide the protection and peace of mind they need.

Employee Insurance Policy Opportunities

  • Group Benefits
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Retiree Health Coverage
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Individual Life Insurance

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